Hurricane Harvey Mapbooks

A location overview of TX-LA Gulf Coast counties referenced to USNG is available using the hyperlink below:

TX-LA Gulf Coast Counties lookup tool


Florida Task Force Four member talks about use of the mapbooks below

USNG Mapbooks Video


1:25,000 Texas mapbooks for the Harvey Response
Source: Delta State University
Last update: 21:40 CT, September 1, 2017

Each link below downloads a zip file containing individual pages at 1:25,000 for the named county. As appropriate, individual pages can then be printed on conventional 8.5 x 11 paper by following the instructions for ensuring accuracy of scale found at the bottom of the page.  “Final” is used to denote atlases where the cover page has hyperlinks to the individual pages.  These atlases work best for generalized views of rural and suburb areas because at 1:25:000 scale, each page will show a larger area than the 1:6,000 scale atlas pages offered below.

Aransas County – Final (95 MB)
Austin County – Final (150 MB)
Bee County – Final  (216 MB)
Bexar – Final (213 MB)
Brazoria County – Final (306 MB)
Calhoun County – Final (174 MB)
Chambers County – Final (157 MB)
Colorado County – Final (259 MB)
DeWitt County – Final (260 MB)
Fayette County – Final (261 MB)
Fort Bend – Final (324 MB)
Galveston County – Final (119 MB)
Goliad County – Final (197 MB)
Hardin County – Final (192 MB)
Harris County – Final (310 MB)
Jackson County – Final (219 MB)
Jasper County – Final (481 MB)
Jefferson County – Final (206 MB)
Karnes County – Final (217 MB)
Kleberg County – Final (169 MB)
Lavaca County – Final (268 MB)
Liberty County – Final (243 MB)
Matagorda County – Final (261 MB)
Montgomery County – Final (501 MB)
Newton County – Final (168 MB)
Nueces County – Final (417 MB)
Orange County – Final (214 MB)
Refugio County – Final (154 MB)
San Patricio County – Final (161 MB)
Sabine County – Final (263 MB)
San Jacinto – Final (136 MB)
Victoria County – Final (231 MB)
Waller County – Final (pending)
Wharton County – Final (304 MB)



1:6,000 mapbooks for Texas and Louisiana Harvey Response
Source: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

Last update: continuous by source

Each map in this series will print on 8.5 x 11 conventional paper an area which approximates ten (10) football fields square (1,000m x 1,000m). This is a much more detailed view than is available using the Delta State University maps above and would typically be used for dense urban areas.

To obtain the maps, use the following steps:

  1. Click the link below,
  2. After the viewer opens, zoom in on an area of interest,
  3. Decide whether you want an entire county worth of maps, or a specific area,
  4. As appropriate for the decision made in step 3, ensure that ONLY one of two boxes is checked: “Texas LA Disaster Single Page” or “Texas LA Disaster by County (zip file)”,
  5. Ensure the “US National Grid” box is CHECKED and that “Short Duration Hazards – Warnings” and “Recent Weather Radar Imagery” are UNCHECKED,
  6. Place your cursor over the grid square of interest and then left click (Note – if you attempting to retrieve single page(s), you must be zoomed in close enough to be seeing the 1000 meter grid squares),
  7. A pop-up box will then open,
  8. Use the “Select to download Atlas – More Info” hyperlink to download desired map(s).


NGA U.S. National Grid Mapbooks