Find here coordinate converters that are available online or can be downloaded for enterprise or local use.

Coordinate Converters – Online

From the National Geodetic Survey’s U.S. National Grid Home page, find simple online converters for some of the more common conversions.  Listed below:

NGA_Logo-small The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Web Geographic Translator tool provides for the conversion of location information between virtually all known coordinate systems.



Coordinate Converters – Tools For Download

Software developed by the National Geodetic Survey which converts between USNG, UTM, and geodetic latitude/longitude.

NGA_Logo-small The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Geographic Translator (GEOTRANS) tool download supporting multiple formats and platforms.



USNG Code Library and Development Tools

mashup_esri Esri’s ArcGIS USNG Map Service – Esri Inc., offers an ArcGIS REST service that can be used in Esri software ArcGIS and in mobile phone and tablet applications.  Their web page about this services describes additional uses for the web service.Go to the web page about ArcGIS USNG Map Service
SGGlobe Klassen Code – Developed by SharedGeo’s Jim Klassen, Usng_tools is a freely available code library for developers that supports converting to and from USNG/MGRS and Latitude/Longitude (additionally UTM and UPS conversions are supported in the appropriate zones.) Full details and code are available for download from GitHub.  See:
SGGlobe Dolbow Code – Developed by SharedGeo’s Mike Dolbow, USNG Google Mashup code is a freely available code. It relies upon the Klassen code library and the Google Maps API. See: USNG GitHub Code Page and the USNG Google Map Mashup.