General Presentations

Find below presentations about USNG that can be viewed, or downloaded and modified as necessary, to support various general training needs. Please be patient when viewing PPT’s – some of the larger files may take up to a minute to open. Presntations related to several theme specific topics can be found under the appropriate tab, this section.

Beginning in September 2013, a dedicated team will be reworking this entire collection of lectures in order to improve content, format and more precisely align presentations with the specific topic areas broken out below.


Why the USNG

  • USNG Backgrounder – Version 1, Tom Terry (59 slides, 4.3 MB, PDF). Technical reasons why USNG is the best way to standardize location based communications.
  • USNG Backgrounder – Version 2, Tom Terry (72 slides, 5.4 MB, PPT). Additional slides and different format of the “USNG Backgrounder”.
  • Why the USNG – Part 1, Steve Swazee (19 slides, 15.1 MB, PPT). The problem with using street addresses for first response.
  • Why the USNG – Part 2, Steve Swazee (14 slides, 35.9 MB, PPT). Among alternatives to street addresses, USNG is the best solution.
  • Why the USNG – Part 3, Steve Swazee (9 slides, 3.3 MB, PPT). USNG is a force multiplier and adoption is being encouraged from the top.


Basic Concepts

Advanced Concepts

  • Grid Zone Junction Presentation, Tom Terry (11 slides, 2.2MB, PDF).  Overview and examples of how a grid zone junction works.
  • USNG For “Experts” – Part 1, Steve Swazee (11 slides, 6.9 MB, PPT). Hands-on examples of using a USNG formatted map at a grid zone junction adapted from “How to Read and Use USNG Coordinates”. Includes online examples using Minnesota scenarios.
  • USNG For “Experts” – Part 2, Steve Swazee (15 slides, 4.8 MB, PPT). The National Incident Management System and National Response Framework require use of a Common Operating Picture approach to disasters – failing to plan for a standardized way to communicate location during a response (USNG), is planning to fail.  Plus, a final thought on the value of USNG by using a real world example.
  • USNG Zone Junction, Tom Terry (24 slides, 1.6MB, PDF). A series of example slides showing the incorrect, and correct ways for GIS personnel to deal with a grid zone junction while creating a map. Additional slides show modern aircraft Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) can easily handle operations in vicinity of a grid zone junction.


USNG for K-12

  • Presentations are under development