Operational and SAR

Find here all directives, educational materials and presentations specifically related to the use of USNG during disaster operations and Search and Rescue missions:


Directives (Duplicate of some items in “Library”):


Educational Materials:



  • Minnesota Civil Air Patrol (CAP) USNG Considerations, Capt. Nash Pherson (15 slides, 3.8 MB, PPT). To comply with recent national SAR directives, CAP has begun moving toward use of USNG in their operations. This presentation reviews the issues for the Minnesota Wing.
  • Georeferencing for SAR Responders, Rick Button (35 slides, 11.2 MB, PPT). SAR Responder focused presentation which explains the reasoning and need to use USNG as the cornerstone coordinate system for SAR and disaster response operations.
  • Standardized Mapping Using the USNG, Randy Knippel (42 slides, 22.2 MB, PPT). Quick overview and then a series of 13 examples designed to help responders understand how to obtain and use Minnesota’s series of interlocking 10KM maps and 1KM mapbook system.
  • USNG Now In the Florida Field Operations Guide (FOG), Lt. Al Studt, (12 slides, 10.4 MB, PPT). Provides brief overview of USNG as part of the Florida FOG, followed by slides which show Landing Zone (LZ) planning examples.