Funding ELMs

Most USNG ELM projects are funded through a combination of grants, donations and local financial support.

As potential grant opportunities are identified they will be listed here with summary information and examples of funded proposals, if available.

USNG ELM’s can be integrated into new park and trails planning, park and trails maintenance projects or park and trail redesign and retrofits.

Tip:  As in other funding requests projects that represent multiple partners seem to have the most success.  Potential partners for USNG ELM funding might include:

  • Local, state and or federal government
  • Park or trail officials and/or mangers
  • Park and trail user and advocate groups
  • Emergency response and rescue professionals
  • General public



Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Recreation Grants:

Each year the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites proposals for several grants that may fund USNG ELM projects.  Priorities, requirements and due dates vary so read carefully to see if there is one that may apply specifically to your project.

Of specific significance in this funding pool is the Federal Recreational Trail Program Grant, due to the fact that an ELM project has been funded through this source.  See links below for a summary of the grant program and an example of a successful proposal.  

Proposals for the current grant cycle are due February 29, 2016


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Grant and Reimbursement Programs

Similar to Minnesota the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also offers a broad range of grant programs with varied funding priorities. Several may help fund a USNG ELM project, such as the Recreational Trail Aids (RTA) program.  Review carefully for funding priorities and annual deadlines.