Tickets Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Quick Specs

Name: Tickets

Description: Computer Aided Dispatch System

Distributor: Tickets CAD System

Cost: FREE

The Tickets Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Program supports USNG implementation and was written by long time Federal communications expert Arnie Shore and his associate programmers.
Tickets is free and an Open Source Dispatch System and has a strong community of users.

Tickets features:

  • Supports USNG implementation
  • FREE, Open Source Software
  • Web-based operation, optional Internet usage
  • Rapid deployment
  • Intuitive, low learning-curve operation
  • Gathers and reports RM data for incidents, response units, and station activity
  • Incident data includes location, nature of call and standard protocol, caller, units dispatched, responding, on-scene, and cleared.
  • Incident and unit location is presented via map with color coded incident priority and unit type and status, providing rapid situation assessment.
  • Land line caller phone numbers are looked-up automatically for address information and geo-coded for map position display.
  • Response units may be mobile, with location information tracked via APRS, Instamapper, LocateA and Google’s latitude.
  • Extensive communications capability includes automatic ‘tweeting’ of messages into SMS length for cell-phones.
  • Standard reports include unit activity summary, dispatch performance, station activity log, with graphic presentations of summary data.
  • A full-screen situation display oriented for use by senior management.
  • Real-time notification of incident occurence and unit movement
  • Search capability, online SOP documents, chat between users, and links to agency web-sites
  • ‘Call Board’ feature provides information on open runs and response unit status.
  • Extensive ability to tailor system captions and terminology to agency standards
  • Optional Asterisk PBX integration, allowing personnel to update their status with a phone call from the field, displaying the update immediately on the dispatchers console
  • For more information on how and why Tickets was conceived, and to download Tickets, please visit the about tickets page.

To learn more about the program, see the Tickets website for more information and to download.