USGS US Topo Maps

In September 2011, the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) released the Product Standard guide for the US Topo. US Topo is the replacement for the traditional USGS topographic map. The US Topo User Guide, explains the inclusion of orthoimagery and the USNG:

US Topo maps integrate an orthoimage, which is a significant enhancement to the original USGS topographic maps regarding currency and completeness. These products are built on standard coordinate systems, include full United States (U.S.) National Grid lines and are particularly useful for emergency first-response operations….

Check out the USGS Topo, the USGS Topo Product Standard and other U.S. Topo supporting products:

Watch the USGS Video about the U.S. Topo.  The US National Grid and its importance to this product is discussed at timepoint 3:24 into the video.